I’ve learned that following my heart – not the ‘experts’ – is the best possible way to grow a business with soul. In this espresso-shot series, I take you behind the scenes in my own business, and inspire you to ALIGN your own.


“Cerries is more addictive than House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Empire, and Scandal all rolled into one!  She’s one of the smartest, most soulful branding experts I know and she doesn’t disappoint.  Cerries work is all about you – her thoughtful approach gets straight to the core so you can create a bigger impact with your business faster than you believe is possible. Haven’t experienced her yet?  You are missing out!!!” ~ Amber McCue |

ALIGNED is a library of refreshingly simple, no-nonsense brand and business guidance for soulful solopreneurs.

It’s a noisy world out there. We are bombarded with tactics and strategies, and it’s easy to forget who we really are when we’re caught up in the madness. My aim for ALIGNED is to provide a grounding reminder that shouting loudest isn’t always necessary, that it IS possible to earn a good living without compromising who you are, and that a business with heart is the key to success…with grace.


Aligned is available as six separate ‘shots’, or modules.

Choose the one that you feel you need the most help with, or purchase them all (they’re all fabulous). All material is instant access, and will be delivered via email as soon as you’ve completed checkout.

ALIGNED LIST-BUILDING:Learn the REAL reasons behind building a list (hint: it’s not because “the money is in the list”). Get clear on your own motivations and intentions for building a list so you can focus your energy on what’s important, not what “they” say is important…and be inspired by my story of growing my list to over 15,000 – without one inch of compromise.

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ALIGNED BRAND REFINING:In this module, I’ll give you some very specific steps for using your Primary Archetype to bring out the heart in your brand message – and how to communicate it consistently, and with confidence.

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ALIGNED CONFIDENCE:Confidence isn’t about being the most confident person in the room. If it was, there might be no authentic confidence in the world. Follow me through what I’ve learned is the essence of real confidence, and how to get there. No daily affirmations (though those are great, too!). No self-help books. No reliving your childhood. Starting here today, let’s build some REAL confidence. 

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ALIGNED OFFERINGS:In this module, I reflect on how I decide what to offer in my business – and how I stay sane in the process. We go right back to basics in exploring your archetypal strengths – and thinking of how you can use them to positively impact your customer. Creating offerings CAN be a beautiful experience…but we have to let go of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘can’ts’.

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ALIGNED FOCUS:In this module, I share with you my own tips on HOW to focus so that you’re achieving your daily goals …whilst still leaving room for expansive growth. Then, I will help you clear the space (around you and in your head) from the burden of needing to focus on certain things in a certain way. 
Here’s a spoiler: doing does not equal being…

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ALIGNED SIMPLIFY:So much to do, not enough time, confusion about how to do something, and frustration when it doesn’t go according to plan. In this module, I share my preferred system for weeding out the overwhelm and creating simplicity in my life and business. Warning: it can be challenging at first. We can become addicted to overwhelm and hold on to it like a good friend we recognize. But, we can also release it, too. 

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In each ‘shot’ of Aligned, you will find…


An Espresso Guide.

In this Espresso Guide PDF, you’ll discover my thoughts and guidance, and reflections on how this particular facet of business has manifested itself in my business.


A refreshing meditation.

Take back some quiet time for you to reflect on this area of your business. Join my Chief Joyologist, Erin, as she guides you through an invigorating meditation that will help you think through the topic we’re discussing.


An inspirational resource.

To support the Espresso Guide, you’ll also receive a link to a hand-picked inspirational resource (such as a relevant Ted Talk or blog post) that will provide you with further reflection on this topic.


An interactive Playbook.

And…probably most excitingly, I’ll also provide you with a beautifully designed Playbook to implement the ideas that you have been exploring. The Playbooks are interactive, and can be revisited over and over again – whenever you feel like you need a refresher or a boost in the right direction. (Please note: a couple of topics of Aligned have a Google Doc, rather than a playbook. This is to allow you the space to get deep, and have the space to explore).


An invitation to join my beautiful Facebook community.

It’s extremely noisy out there.

Staying true to who you really are in business can be more challenging than trying to conform to what everybody else is doing. 

When you purchase any Aligned module, you’ll also receive an invitation to join The Alchemy Hangout – my Facebook community for solopreneurs who are committed to doing business in a more soulfully-aligned way. 

Our 700+ members say our group is like ‘coming home’. Come and join us for inspiration, encouragement and support.


“Cerries brings a fresh eye and rare style to the age old business of branding. She uses rich, interactive material with plenty of visual content, key words, and inspiration to help you identify and sustain your unique brand + business strategy. Plus her quiz is super fun!” ~ Erika Lyremark, Creator of The Daily Whip & Bestselling Author – Think Like A Stripper,


Is this the same as your previous 6-month subscription series?

Yes! I originally launched Aligned as a six month subscription program, and there has been no major change to the material. So no need to repurchase!

What material will I have access to straight away?

As soon as you checkout, you’ll receive an email with a ‘Welcome PDF’ inside. All the links you need to the Espresso Guide, meditation and Playbook are in there.

What is your refund policy? What if it’s not for me?

As Aligned is low-priced, digital resource, no refunds will be given on any purchases made. If you love my blog – or my other offerings – I’m confident you’ll love Aligned! 

Do I have to know my Secondary Archetype to get the most out of Aligned?

Not at all! You don’t need to have completed the Archetypal Business Initiation Kit in order to get the most out of Aligned.