So, now that you’ve learned more about what an archetype is in the first part of this series…you may be thinking: so what?


What does this even mean for me and my business?


As any sane person would, you probably want to know a little more about what’s behind the door before you decide to accept the invitation to enter the unknown.


(Remember the scene in Labyrinth where Sarah has the choice between the door that leads to the castle and the door that leads to – dum-dum-dum – certain death? It always pays to do some due diligence before making such a decision!)


So my aim is to share with you what an ‘archetypal business’ looks like, and what makes it different to ‘business as usual’.


In short – archetypes offer a more soulful, intentional way of creating (and running) your business.


(I know that you probably couldn’t get much more cliché than that, but it’s true.)


And let’s get this super-clear:


The ‘Archetypal’ way isn’t a better way of doing business: it’s an alternative way.


It is a way that satisfies both soul AND strategy. It pays close attention to intention, and is ultimately more about the joyful, evolutionary surrender to service, as opposed to following other people’s formulas to achieve super-sized mailing lists and six-figures (although these can certainly be by-products of the journey).


An Archetypal Business focuses on 12 things…

Nonresistance of your circumstances.

Generosity with your gifts.

…Taking responsibility for your business.

Acceptance of what you can control.

…Using joy to guide your intuition.

…Being transparent on your journey.

…Doing all things (including saying “no”) with love.

Aligning you with YOU!

…Keeping your choices and offerings simple.

…Finding courage in being vulnerable.

…Maintaining objectivity and openness.

…Striving for excellence in whatever you’re doing.


When you adopt a business strategy like this that is centred around these core values, magical things begin to happen…


…You stop trying to fit into a certain business mold – taking many courses and learning so much from other entrepreneurs – and you step into your true authenticity.


…Competition becomes irrelevant (and even an opportunity for collaboration), because you are so focused on (and connected to) what’s right in front of you.


…You play to your strengths, not hide behind your weaknesses.


…You stand strong in what you have to offer, and trust that the right people will find you, at a time that is mutually beneficial for you both.


…You stop getting stuck in planning, dreaming, scheming – and you find the courage to start.


…You let go of your fear of not being ‘good enough’, and acknowledge a deep sense of self-worth and confidence in your own capabilities.


And most importantly…


You integrate all aspects of yourself into a truly authentic business in a way that uplifts your spirit AND fills your bank account.


Or, as Rebecca, a member of my community says…


“It’s about bringing you to your business – and honouring how YOU show up as a business owner – and not trying to pigeonhole yourself into cookie cutter models that can leave you feeling disheartened, icky, or like a fraud”.




So. Are you going to continue on your current path, or are you going to peek behind the door?


You already have the key: your Primary Archetype.


I’ll see you in the third and final post in this series with some key questions you need to ask yourself first to find out if you’re ready for the journey ahead.