Archetypal Branding Starter Kit

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I believe that you’re tired of making arbitrary choices about what you want your brand to be.

I believe you are overcome with overwhelm.

You may feel like you need to go on an information diet – your head about to explode through other peoples’ brands in your face all day long, but so unsure and insecure of your own.

The Archetypal Branding Starter Kit is a five-day mini-course, which is centred around my revolutionary One Page Brand Blueprint.

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Why I created it:

Successful brands have one thing in common: they simplify.

When you simplify, you amplify.

However, there is a slight problem; brand = meaning, emotion, the intangible. This is where so many solopreneurs become undone – they can’t find a way to bring structure to ‘feeling’, which results in brands that attempt to communicate too many things at once, and therefore don’t communicate anything at all.

We attempt to pin down our ‘essence’ by writing out our brand values and purpose, and some of us may go as far as to include our mission statement on our websites. But I realised something:

It’s not enough.

It’s not enough to do these crucial exercises in brand development, and then never look at them again. In order for them to work their magic, we need a system – a method – for implementing the words we write. And that’s where the One Page Brand Blueprint comes in.


What you’ll get:

When you purchase the Archetypal Branding Starter Kit, you will receive:

  • Access to a password-protected page, where you can download all of your materials. The material is best carried out over five days, however you can go through it at your own pace

  • A PDF download of the topic of the day, along with an audio version of the file should you prefer to listen than read

  • Your PDF worksheet for the day, which you can either fill in directly on screen or print out and complete by hand

  • Your very own interactive One Page Brand Blueprint; ready for you to fill in a section each day

What you’ll have:

  • Your completed One Page Brand Blueprint

And that’s it. That’s the beauty of this program. We are stripping back the extraneous, and cutting through all of the noise to reveal your purest essence; all of which you can, and will, fit onto one letter-sized piece of paper.

You’ll also have brand confidence, a much deeper understanding of what makes you unique in your industry, and validation that you are exactly where you were meant to be.

Of course, you’ll still have all of the materials and worksheets to refer back to as and when you feel the need to.



“Clarity & transformation. Those are the two words I’d used to describe how I feel after taking this course! This is like NO course I have ever done! You should too. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible in 5 days!” ~ Jacqueline du Plessis

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As to your Qs:

1. What’s the difference between the Starter Kit and The Alchemy Study?

The Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin your archetypal branding journey. Once completed, you’ll have everything you need to start developing your soulful business and brand. When the time is right for you to take it to a deeper level, you can join The Alchemy Study – a membership subscription that is packed full of inspirational material tailor-made to your primary archetype. The Starter Kit is included inside the Study – however if you just want to dip your toe in to archetypal branding, the Starter Kit is ideal.

2. Will I get to find out my Secondary Archetype in this program?

The Archetypal Branding Starter Kit focuses purely on your Primary Archetype (if you haven’t taken the test yet, you can do so for free here). The Kit invites you to dig deeper under the skin of your Primary Archetype, and to understand it intimately so that you can leverage its’ power to develop a brand that is closely aligned with your soul. When you are ready to add your Secondary Archetype into the blend, you can join The Alchemy Study to explore this further.

3. I’m only just starting out, and I’m not entirely sure what my business idea is yet. Does that matter?

I wholeheartedly believe that every human being on this earth, solopreneur or not, should be aware of their Primary Archetype, as even a basic understanding of it can unlock doors that were previously shut tight. No matter where you are on your solopreneurial journey, this Starter Kit will give you structured clarity like nothing else. In fact – the earlier you complete this discovery-work, the better – by getting clear right from the start, you will feel so much more self-assured and confident in the way you make decisions, and how you project your brand to others you meet along the way.

4. Do I have to be a ‘spiritual’ person to get the most from this program?

Although archetypes deal with the layers of the soul, you do not have to be ‘spiritual’ to use them as a brand strategy tool. The concept of the archetype has been around for thousands of years, but was most recently defined by esteemed psychologist Carl Jung in the 1950s. Spirituality can mean many things to many people, and the work I do fully respects this facet of human nature. The key here is that archetypes are the most logical place from which to develop your brand, as they bring structure through metaphor to the deeper levels of your psyche.


“The Starter Kit is not only filled with brilliant content, it is brilliantly designed as well. Every lesson leads you thoughtfully through the process of creating your one page brand blueprint. At every stage I felt I was being led by an expert and caring mentor. The materials provided are motivating in and of themselves. I will continue to use what I learned in this class throughout my endeavors” ~ Christen McGee

5. I’m already signed up to numerous other courses. Will this clash with any of them?

Absolutely not – the material in this program will enhance any other business development courses you may be taking now or in the future. As the Sage is my Secondary Archetype, I am an e-course junkie – I understand what it’s like to have your fingers in lots of learning pies at once, and I have developed this program to complement other sources of learning.

6. I’ve done this kind of work before – brand values, purpose etc. What makes this different?

Over the years, I have tried many methods for pinning down the essence captured in this Starter Kit. Each time, there was a disconnect between doing the exercises provided, and actually implementing those things into my brand development. I knew that writing down my values and purpose just wasn’t enough – I had no structure to apply this to. In addition, I was often unsure of how to articulate what I felt on a deep level. Yet, I fully understood (and craved) the stability that I knew these elements would bring me. I just needed to find a way through which I could deeply connect with them, articulate them, and put a structure in place that would allow me to keep that connection alive, and actually use it on a daily basis. And that’s exactly what the One Page Brand Blueprint will do for you.

7. What can I do with the One Page Brand Blueprint once I’ve completed it?

The One Page Brand Blueprint is intended to be a working document – not just something you complete once, then throw into a drawer, never again to see the light of day. Part of the problem with traditional brand strategy executional tools is that they aren’t practical. I suggest that once completed, you laminate your Blueprint, and stick it above your desk in your office. Do a second version just for your purse. Make it your screensaver. Keep a copy on your bedside table – do whatever it takes for it to become a part of your daily routine. The beauty of this method is that whilst you may not have time each day to read through a brand manual, you DO have time to quickly scan through your Blueprint as a daily reminder of where your focus needs to be.

The Blueprint should also be referred to whenever you need to make a decision about your brand development. At the bottom of the Blueprint are a selection of six ‘filters’ – questions that you must put every decision through that you make for your brand. If the answer you are considering doesn’t get a resounding ‘yes’ to one of the filter questions, you can be sure that including it in your strategy could dilute and weaken your brand.

8. Can the One Page Brand Blueprint help anyone else I employ?

Speaking as a designer – if you handed me this Blueprint at the start of working on a project together, I would hunt you down and kiss you. Seriously. This document can be shared with designers, developers, copywriters – absolutely anyone you hire to help you develop your brand further. The wonderful thing about archetypes is that we humans inherently understand each other through the use of metaphors, and archetypes are the language of metaphor. Your designer or developer will ‘understand’ you on a primal, soulful level by reading your Blueprint – and I can’t tell you how much money // time // energy that will save you in the long run.

9. How flexible is this method?

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll understand that I am an advocate for ‘flexibranding’. The modern brand has evolved over recent years – repetitive consistency is out, flexibility is in. Remaining flexible in your brand strategy is essential – today’s consumer wants to be romanced, and wants to be kept on their toes. You have to keep them engaged, and to do this, you have to continuously vie for their attention. However – flexibranding CAN go wrong IF you don’t stick to your core infrastructure. Now more than ever, it’s crucial you switch up the pace – but staying true to your One Page Brand Blueprint will ensure your brand remains strong and soul-aligned, whilst giving you the creative freedom to experiment with what works best for you and your audience.

10. What’s the next step after I’ve completed the Starter Kit?

If you complete the material in the Starter Kit (and refer to your One Page Brand Blueprint regularly), and never work on your brand strategy again, you will be lightyears ahead of the majority of solopreneurs who never give this crucial soul-work a second thought. You will have put a foundation in place that addresses both meaning AND structure, and you’ll be joining only a select few who are leveraging the power of doing so. As long as you refer to the Blueprint daily, and at regular audits and when making decisions for your brand development, I promise that the Starter Kit alone will change your life for the better.

If you want to step it up to the next level (which I’m positive you will once you start seeing the huge benefits this level of clarity brings), the next natural step is for you to join The Alchemy Study, where you’ll add your Secondary Archetype into the mix, . Discovering your Archetypal Blend will strengthen your market position like nothing else, and will deepen your understanding of your inherent strengths and weaknesses. Soak up and implement what you learn in the Starter Kit, but know that there is a much deeper level to descend to when the time is right for you to do so.


“The Starter Kit has significantly improved my confidence as a person and as a solopreneur. I was having a difficult time understanding what it is I wanted to accomplish through my brand. After working through the starter kit, I was able to understand why I do what I do and most importantly, why nobody else can do it like me!” ~ Karina De La Cruz

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christine “A fun, concise, kick-ass way to get your own head together in regards to what you are trying to create xoxoxoxo” ~ Christine Souci