The Archetypal Business Initiation Kit.

A simple - yet profound - step-by-step guide for brand clarity and creative confidence.


“Cerries brings a fresh eye and rare style to the age old business of branding. With the Archetypal Business Initiation Kit, she uses rich, interactive material to give you a treasure map leading to your archetypes, and provides you with plenty of visual content, key words, and inspiration to help you identify and sustain your unique branding strategy. Plus her quiz is super fun!”

~ Erika Lyremark, Creator of MARKD & Bestselling Author – Think Like A Stripper,


The Archetypal Business Initiation Kit is the ideal next step to take after discovering your Primary Archetype (which, if you haven't already, you can find out for free here).

In just five days from now (or less, if you're an I-want-it-done-yesterday kind of person), you'll have discovered your Secondary Archetype, and created your very own Blend Board - a visual representation of your archetypal brand.


Imagine...being able to take everything you feel about your brand, and translating that into a one-page visual snapshot of who you are, and what makes you unique.

THAT'S a Blend Board.

A Blend Board is absolutely invaluable for creating a brand that undoubtedly came from your heart...and that will attract the perfect customers to your business.


Clarity and confidence aside, it's also a highly practical tool that you can use in your business every day. Use it to guide you as you develop your own brand identity, or you send it to your designer or creative professional so they can really get you.

Here's how some past students have used their Blend Boards to create truly authentic brand identities...

In just five days from now (or less, if you're an I-want-it-done-yesterday kind of person), you'll have discovered your Secondary Archetype, and created your very own Blend Board - a visual representation of your archetypal brand.


"Cerries is more addictive than House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Empire, and Scandal all rolled into one!  She's one of the smartest, most soulful branding experts I know and she doesn't disappoint.  Cerries work is all about you - her thoughtful approach to branding gets straight to the core so you can create a bigger impact with your business faster than you believe is possible. Haven't experienced her yet?  You are missing out!!!" ~ Amber McCue |


Instant access to all material. No waiting. No nail biting.


As soon as you purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions for how to access everything you need to complete the Initiation Kit. The material is easy to navigate, and can be accessed on a computer, tablet or phone.


Access to my exclusive Secondary Test.



You'll begin the 'blending process' by discovering your Secondary Archetype. Once you know your own Archetypal Blend, you can start to bring it to life visually.


Interactive Playsheets.

Sytled desktop ipad succulent left


The Kit is made up of a series of interactive PDFs, videos, and even a little meditation that my Chief Joyologist Erin created for you.


A video tutorial for creating your Blend Board. (No experience necessary).

Devices mockup 1


In Day Five of the Kit, I'll walk you through - step-by-step - how to create your Blend Board. No experience working with images or design software? No problem! You'll be using a free image editor, and I make it so easy you'll have TONNES of fun doing it!

(Check out more Blend Boards here on Pinterest)
“Discovering my Archetypal Blend was invaluable. It was wild how accurate and insightful it was. It encouraged me to just follow my OWN person and be confident that what I am doing is right. It has given me focus in terms of potential messaging (conceptually) and to communicate it effectively”
~ Kamila Gornia |
"The concept of an Archetypal Blend is genius! This is a system that helps you see clearly the deeper passions and purpose behind your brand and business - for life! My Blend has given my brand its' very own magic mirror. Everyone should be fortunate enough to discover their Blend - so they too can see their own brand's special beauty"
~ Rhonda S. Hohmann |
"If you are looking to get crystal clear on who you are and how to create magic with your brand, I highly recommend discovering your Archetypal Blend. This whole process will give you insights that will make you feel in touch with your inner muse and inspired to bring her to life in all her multi-colours" "
~ Sharon Johnston |


Meet Connie!


This is Air Force officer (and mom of four!) Connie. Hit play to hear her tell her Archetypal Blend story in just over one minute - including why discovering this information inspired her to have a complete career change.

You can find Connie over at



You'll receive an invitation to join the Alchemy Hangout Facebook group.

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There is something so gratifying about being able to connect with other like-minded solopreneurs...and the Facebook Alchemy Hangout provides you with the opportunity to do just that! Exclusively available to those who have purchased one of my courses or programs, you'll be invited to connect with others for support, encouragement and inspiration.


"Finding out my archetypes - ALCHEMIST: :RULER - has given me such clarity on who I am, and acceptance of my strong points and shadow side. Alchemy - a seemingly magical process of transformation. Ruler - (Queen Bee) Yep, that's me! I'm the one directing the situation, planning the events, making sure everyone is happy and taken care of. It's just who I am and I love it!"

~ Christine Souci,

If what I learn here is invaluable...why is this Kit 'pay what you can'?

I am COMMITTED to helping as many soulful solopreneurs as I possibly can discover their Archetypal Blends.

I have structured my business so that it allows me to make my material accessible (and affordable) to those who need it most.

The retail price for the Kit has always been $99 - however if you only can spare $25? That's totally fine. I'm choosing to price the Kit this way because I trust that those who found their way to this page will act out of integrity - not disrespect for the hard work that has gone into creating this resource.

Can I complete the course in less than five days?

Yes, absolutely! 

This course has been developed with the busy solopreneur in mind. The material is bite-sized, and you could easily complete it all within one sitting (with a coffee break or two!).

The material is all delivered straight after you checkout - you can work through it at your own pace.

What if I don't like the result I get? How accurate is the test?

I spent a long time developing the Secondary Test, and ensured its accuracy with vigorous testing. Over 500 solopreneurs are now developing their brands based on their Archetypal Blend, and the results they had from doing the Secondary Test.

As this test is so accurate, if you get a result that you're not sure about, allow yourself to sit with it for a while. Sometimes, we have such great resistance to parts of us that are actually our greatest assets, and this is a normal reaction for some soulful solopreneurs after discovering their secondary.

You will most likely find - given a day or two - that discovering your secondary (especially if you had resistance) will allow you to see yourself in an entirely different light - and gain validation for parts of you you have been neglecting.

If you're still not sure, just drop us an email. Either myself or my Alchemist's Assistant - Erin - will talk you through your result, and, if necessary, invite you to retake the test.

Why two archetypes? Why not three, four or more?

Archetypes are amazingly versatile tools, and there are limitless ways in which you can use them for self (and business) development.

However...a certain amount of consistency is desirable when nurturing your brand into life. Using an Archetypal Blend of just two archetypes gives a framework that is consistent, yet flexible enough for you to feel complete creative freedom.

Put simply: your Archetypal Blend will ensure your brand is consistent, but YOU'LL feel so free to create, explore and find joy in the process.

Is this all 'woo-woo'? Or is it the real deal?

If you're on this page, I'll hazard a guess that you've already taken my free Primary Archetype Test and discovered what your Primary Archetype is (if you haven't, you will find it here).

As you'll know from the result you got for your Primary, there's nothing 'woo-woo' about this process.

I'm not a fan of the word 'woo-woo' - it makes the things that are magical and intangible seem dirty, almost. So...let's just get clear on what we're talking about here...

The work I do is based on the psychological work of Carl Jung - primarily on what could be considered his greatest legacy; 'Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious'.

The tools and techniques I use in my work are actually the perfect example of how my own Archetypal Blend plays a massive part in my business. Whilst the foundations of my work are grounded in my Sage characteristics (objectivity, knowledge, wisdom) Alchemist gives a subtle magical twist in the form of celebrating the miracle of the mindset shift, and the beautiful transformation that occurs following.

So...this work is ethereal, but is grounded in the works of some of the greatest thought leaders of our time. And therein lies its magic :)

How will I implement what I learn into my business?

As the name 'Initiation Kit' suggests, discovering your Archetypal Blend is just the start of your soulful branding journey!

This Kit is not prescriptive...but exploratory.

You see...the truth is, you already have all the answers you need. You already know what you need to do in your business - you already know what your soulful brand feels like.

This Kit will help you bring all of the thoughts and feelings you have lurking deep down in your soul to a more tangible level - something you can actually start to work with.

This isn't about telling you what you should or shouldn't do in your business - this is about giving you the confidence and clarity you need to make your own decisions. The knowledge you acquire here will seep into your subconscious, and will infuse your solopreneurial journey with delightful insights you would never have considered otherwise.

I'm already doing tonnes of other courses. Will this just add to my workload?

Here's the BEST thing about the insights you'll gain here.

Once you know your Archetypal Blend, you'll start to work smarter, have more clarity, and more confidence to experience solopreneurialism on YOUR terms.

You'll get SO. MUCH. MORE. out of other courses you decide to do.

You may even start to make smarter decisions about which courses you invest in from now, as you'll understand why some things float your boat...and others don't (as perfectly demonstrated below by Esther, upon discovering her Alchemist :: Creator Blend :) )...


What if I already purchased the Secondary Test?

I'm currently in the process of restructuring my products and services so that the archetypal branding process is more fluid and intuitive.

The Secondary Test offering has now been removed, and is no longer available for purchase.

If you bought the Secondary Test, and wish to 'upgrade' to the Initiation Kit, please email us and we will happily provide you with a coupon to discount your investment in the Initiation Kit by $39.95  (upon verifying your details).

What's your refund policy?

I LOVE this question.

It's also a question I get asked at least once a week in my soulful branders community ("What do you think about guarantees and refunds? Should I offer them?")

My response is always - what do YOU feel is right for you? Because really, when it comes to refund policies, you really can't please everyone :)

This Kit is non-refundable.

I believe in my work, and I know the impact it is capable of inspiring.

I have witnessed the transformations of hundreds of solopreneurs after discovering the information contained within this Kit, so I have no doubt whatsoever how life-changing it is.

I've done my part - I've poured so much love, energy and time into make this Kit a catalyst for real transformation.

Your investment here is not in the Kit - it is in YOURSELF.

You have to show up, take it seriously, and give it time to work its' magic. You'll likely have some major epiphanies as soon as you get your result, but the beauty of this process is the wave after wave of validation you feel in the days, weeks, months following the unveiling of your Archetypal Blend.

And that's why this Kit is non-refundable :)


"Discovering my Archetypal Blend has been a life-changing experience for me. I was surprised to find that I am an Alchemist/Creator - and not the other way around. Being a designer I just assumed that Creator would come out on top. Discovering my Blend has made me feel free to be exactly who I am at all times, in my business and throughout the rest of my life. I now know and understand every facet of my personality and it’s taught me to embrace all of my strengths - not just the ones that I noticed myself. But more than that, it has taught me that the shadows I’ve felt like I’m constantly fighting are an inherent part of me and that I can embrace them. Discovering my blend has taught me that I no longer need to be afraid of being myself and pushing that through to my business, and to the world. It was eye-opening and I’m grateful for Cerries and her work every single day. <3" ~ Rachel Shillcock |


“Discovering my Archetypal Blend allowed me to see how to express both my Alchemist and Innocent parts in a way that feels aligned to me. Alignment is my quest, in everything I do, and Cerries' work really shed a new light on how to manifest that in my business. It also is a guidance I can go back to any time if something feels out of track or not really me. This knowledge of my Archetypal Blend is a priceless tool that I do my best to integrate daily in my brand” ~ Mélanie Sylla, Mindful Holistic Health Guide |


"When I learned I was an Alchemist in the first Archetype test I thought: "well yes of course this is me, I’m a coach and my purpose is to transform”. But then I found out about my second Archetype and everything shifted.

It turned out I was a Creator. Even though I’ve been working in the field of Arts & Design for over 25 years (and dropped out of Art School after almost 4 years of intens study) I never thought about myself as a creator.

This summer I’ve spent many hours working on the archetypal blending. Sitting outside in the garden with my paint and pencils (taken out of their closed boxes in the attic) it felt like coming home.

Knowing the shadow and the light of my two most important Archetypes, has pushed me and my business in a direction I could never had imagined. It is like I have been given permission to step into whom I really am and to bring together all the neglected and disrespected parts. My mindset mantra is: "To Serve and Transform Through My Creativity". And every time I read those words I feel pure joy" ~ Esther de Charon de Saint Germain |


"Discovering my archetypal blend was a game changer for me. How? Realizing the years and years I tried to fit into a mold where I didn’t belong in my career path choices and endeavors, ending up at dead-ends, feeling either rejected or unfulfilled. Learning my archetypal blend was like a lightning bolt of awareness in understanding not only what made me tick, but why my prior undertakings had not worked out, they simply were not in alignment with my soul’s passion and purpose. It was a feeling of complete freedom as I allowed myself to embrace my inner desires, as a magical catalyst in helping other’s see and feel their own inner magic" ~ Sherry Fae |




If you have ANY questions about the Archetypal Business Initiation Kit, we're ready to help!

Simply drop my beautiful assistant Erin an email, and she'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: Our current email response time is approximately 24-48 (business) hours. We don't usually respond to emails over the weekend, as we like to keep those for family + fun :) But rest assured...we'll be with you as soon as possible!