Ok, ok…I admit it. The title is a bit cringe-worthy.

(Can you tell I spent HOURS conjuring this one up?).

As cringe-worthy as it may be, it’s true.

When it comes to business and branding (and, well, life in general), I AM all about the grace.

I may not have achieved it yet, but I’m striving for it. I crave it. And I’m determined to fill my life with more of it (Universe…I hope you are listening??).

In case you’re wondering what on EARTH I’m talking about, I’m talking about…


A life of ease. Waking up in the morning with a quiet sense of calm…settled in my own rhythms.

A life of beauty. Not grandiose…just the simple, clean, honest kind.

A life of gratitude. The dropping-to-my-knees kind for all of the richness the Universe has blessed me with.

A life of dignity. Being guided by my OWN morals, and resisting the pressure to perform to other people’s standards.

A life of elevation. A commitment to being a better mother, wife, daughter, home-owner, writer, contributor.


From where I’m standing right now, twelve years in to my soul-destroying journey through depression, this all feels like a pretty tall order. For someone who has been blind to any kind of beauty for so long, accepting grace feels like the ultimate challenge.

But I AM all about the grace. And my business is no exception.

Here are five ways I’m infusing grace into my business:




1: I’m working how I love to work.

I know this is such a simple concept, but how many of us make sacrifices? How many of us do what we think is expected of us…not what we expect of ourselves? As my offerings evolve, I’m ensuring they are deeply aligned with my most effortless way of working. Cutting out the stuff that doesn’t work, and only committing to things I know I can deliver on – with grace.




2: I’m simplifying wherever possible.

At first, you gotta try stuff out to see what works, and what doesn’t. But if you don’t go back and cleanse all the surplus, things can get messy and out of control. I’m tying up loose ends, and using the DELETE button. A LOT.




3: I’m cultivating gratitude.

I often forget to be grateful. I get so caught up in the day-to-day whirlwind that I fail to stop, breathe, and take stock of all I have to be grateful for. The more grateful I am, the more things to be grateful for come into my life…and the same goes for my business.




4: I’m putting on my blinkers.

If I’m not careful, I can be VERY impressionable. I see something happening ‘out there’, and I assume if THEY’RE doing it, then I have to do it, too. This is dangerous. My vision of success is very different to ‘theirs’, and paying too much attention to what someone else is saying can easily put a ten-tonne weight of unnecessary pressure on my already-aching shoulders. And if you ask me, there is NOTHING graceful about unnecessary pressure.

(Side-note: making decisions with dignity requires discipline. It’s a practice, and one that must be started over every single day).




5: I’m practising prioritising.

I have a tendency of believing that EVERYTHING is a priority. But what I’ve learned is…this is hardly ever true.

[Tweet “Believing that EVERYTHING is a priority is just procrastination incognito”]

Due to my lack of realistic prioritisation, I have missed precious family moments, taking care of and enjoying my home, and giving myself the self-love I deserve. The irony of all of this being, of course, that while my business has been giving me the opportunities to fulfil my dreams of more time, space and freedom…I’ve been filling them with ‘urgent’ priorities that don’t even exist.


So I ask you.

What are YOU all about?

Where have you been denying yourself?

Which bits of your junk are in all the right places…and which need a bit of ‘junk-repositioning’?

On that note, I’ll leave it there. Lord knows where else I would go with this.