This page is a celebration of archetypal beauty, clarity, and alignment. Here, you’ll find a collection of Blend Boards* – the creations of soulful solopreneurs who have completed the Archetypal Business Initiation Kit.

Many of the creators of these Boards have zero experience with photo editing software, and – if you ask them – would tell you that they don’t have an ‘eye for design’. And this is the beauty of working archetypally to develop a brand that is aligned to who you really are – once you start, you’ll be amazed at the picture your soul wants to paint for you, no matter how ‘creative’ you think you are. Enjoy gazing at the Boards – beautiful, aren’t they?

*Please note: the images from these Boards were sourced from Pinterest, or from the creators own sources. For attribution of the images, please click the Archetypal Blend to view the images on Pinterest. We share our work because we’re trying to do good in the world – however if there is any question over copyright or inappropriate sharing, please email us and we will happily put things right.