Every good Alchemist has to have a lucky charm. Mine are my big toes. They are WAY to big for my feet.

Every good Alchemist has to have a lucky charm. Mine are my big toes. They are WAY to big for my feet.


I used to believe that running my own business would be a struggle.

That…it would require at least some degree of painful sacrifice.

(Because surely…things that mean so much to you require fighting for…right?)

That belief carried me in my first official year as a solopreneur in 2013, and guess what?

Yep. I found it as I believed I would find it.


On Christmas Day 2013, as I was dreaming up my plans for this new business I wanted to start in 2014, I really only had one objective:

To make it less difficult.

At that time, I had NO idea how I would do that. But…I thought that so long as making it less difficult was my intention, I’d figure it out somehow along the way.

Sitting here now, eleven months later, I’ve been contemplating where this year has been in the SOD department (Scale of Difficulty). And, I am pleased to report that my commitment to ease has really paid off. This year has not been difficult at all.



Challenging is different to being difficult. A challenge is a call to draw on your own strength.

[Tweet “A challenge asks us to rise. A difficulty asks us to sink. The choice lies in your perception”]

So…how do you make the choice between something being difficult…and something being challenging?

The answer is in the way you choose to perceive your reality.

The things that happen in your business are going to happen regardless. But whether they invite you to rise – or sink – is entirely your choice.

Here are some things in my business that used to be difficult, but now they’re not:


I blog when inspiration strikes. That’s why I say that my newsletters come out ‘weekly-ish’. Blogging to a pre-determined schedule is difficult (if, like me, you don’t ‘do’ schedules).

Blogging is an opportunity to allow spontaneous creativity to flow through you, not to make you feel like you’re swimming upstream.

Offering creation:

Developing new offerings used to feel like a big deal; like a chore I almost resented. I just wanted to get it over and done with, so I could just get on with the work itself.

Now, I don’t even consider them ‘offerings’. They are an expression of my life’s work…and some people just happen to be willing to pay for it.

Social media:

I spent most of 2013 glued to Facebook,  obsessing over how many ‘likes’ I had (as if the amount of ‘likes’ validated who I was…or wasn’t).

Now, I don’t even know how many ‘likes’ I have, because I know I’d be right where I am whether I have 1 or 10,001.

My schedule:

I used to stress over when, where and how I worked. Ensuring I was balanced, productive.

Now, I work when I work. I don’t when I don’t.


As a brand identity designer, I know and value the importance of great design. But as a human being with a calling to answer, I know every moment spent stressing over every last design detail is energy that could be channeled into greater things.

All of these – blogging, offerings, social media, schedules and design – are things that are essential to business and brand development.

But what ISN’T essential is making them into difficulties, when in reality they are challenges that give us an opportunity to rise – every day.

You make the switch from difficulty to challenge simply by not buying into the energy of difficulty.

You say:

“Hey. I’m not gonna sink over this. I’m gonna make this easy for myself”.

And that’s it.

It’s just a simple choice you have to make.

Easy as that.