If there was only one day in the week, and I had only one lesson to share, THIS would be it.

(Luckily, there are seven days, so I get to share seven lessons. Result!)

Want to amplify your message?


It works. Every time. Guaranteed.

And, just in case you need a reminder, I made this screensaver for you. Gratis, of course.



Download it. Use it. SHARE IT.

(Because everyone needs this reminder. Let’s make this world a nicer, simpler place to live in – one marketing message at a time. You can share it sooo easily by using the nifty buttons at the bottom of this page).


LESSON #2: [Tweet “”Simplify to Amplify” ~ The Brand Alchemist #soulfulbranding”]



I’ll shortly be ‘relaunching’ The Alchemy Study – my membership resource for soulful branding + business. This will mean all of my self-study material will live inside the Study, and you just choose the membership level that’s right for you (simplify to amplify, baby!).

If you’d like to be notified when these changes take effect, click the link below to put your name down on the notification list. When the changes take place, I’ll email you with a 10% gratitude coupon for you to use against your membership purchase (including the Secondary Test, Starter Kit and full Study access membership options).

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