As a soulful solopreneur, you want to build a business and brand that feels good to you.

The problem is - you’ve followed so many cookie-cutter formulas and expert strategies, that you’re not even sure what ‘you’ feels like any more.

You’re just about to discover rich insight into not only what makes you, you - but why it’s ok to be you.


This test isn’t about giving you another box to fit into.

It’s the permission you’ve been waiting for to embrace your strengths, challenges, and natural gifts for success.

You’ll learn how (and why) YOU do business best.

You’ll come away with a clearer understanding on who - and how - you are most naturally able to serve in the world.

Most importantly, you’ll have a whole new perspective on how to create a business that FEELS GOOD to you.


After years developing this test, using my archetypal research and experience, I released it at the end of 2013.

Since then, over 40,000 solopreneurs have used it to get clear on who they are, and infuse their truth into their businesses and brands.

This is not just a personality quiz.

It’s a mirror to your soul.


Don’t overthink your answers.

If it takes you longer than 30 seconds to answer a question, you’re overthinking it.

Use your intuition, choose the best option (more than one could make sense), and don’t judge or justify your answers.

Don’t be tempted to take the test more than once.

It’s most accurate the first time round. Above all, BE HONEST. The test only lies if you do : )

Trouble taking the test? Technical issues? Questions?


Although we've taken care to make sure the test is accessible for all, people can sometimes run into technical difficulties. If you do have technical issues taking the test, we recommend clearing your cache and browsing history, or try another browser. If you have any other questions - or need more help - email erin@cerriesmooney.com, and Erin will get back to you as soon as possible!