You're about to take a test that will change the way you see your business...and your life...forever.

Within the next ten minutes, you'll...

...have business and brand clarity.

...regain your sense of authenticity.

...feel less scattered, and more focused.

...understand what makes you so needed in this world, and have some ideas for how to start communicating that.


About the Primary Archetype Test...

The test consists of 13 questions, each one carefully crafted using my research and development of archetypal theory. This is not personality testing in the traditional sense. The point of this test is to find out which archetype is most closely aligned with your soul...so you can then structure, build and run your business in the most fulfilling way.

The test has been taken over 15,000 times. If you are honest with your answers, the result will blow you away.

What you'll receive...

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After completing the test, you'll be asked to confirm your details so that you can access a SECRET page dedicated to your Primary Archetype.

This page includes a PDF Guide that will give you an overview of your Primary Archetype - including your strengths, audience and ideas for bringing your archetypal brand to life.

In the few days following the test, I'll email you with the answers to some of the questions you may be asking, such as...

What is an archetype? How can my Primary Archetype help me grow my business? How have other people used this information to grow their businesses?

I'll also keep in touch by dropping you an email weekly-ish, which I hope will inspire and support you to continue building your business in a way that is completely aligned with who you really are.

How to take the Primary Archetype Test...

As you move through the questions, keep in mind:

~ There are no right or wrong answers. The most important thing is that you listen to your intuition and be truthful. If you choose something that isn't honest and isn't a reflection of you, the test results will be skewed and incorrect.

~ It's important you dont think too much about the question or the answer! Quickly read the question and through the answers and then choose the one that feels the most right. Don't think too much!

~ You might find there are more than one answer that could be relevant to you in any of the questions and that's perfectly normal. The thing is that you must choose the answer that feels the most relevant to you right now in your life. Again, don't think too much! The one that pulls you is the right answer.

~ Once you've completed the test, you'll be taken to a page where your result will be shown. (REMEMBER YOUR RESULT in case there is a technical error with your link.) You'll get then receive an email where you'll need to confirm your details so we can email you your Primary Archetype Guide PDF.

Trouble taking the test? Technical issues? Questions?


Although we've taken care to make sure the test is accessible for all, people can sometimes run into technical difficulties. If you do have technical issues taking the test, we recommend clearing your cache and browsing history, or try another browser. If you have any other questions - or need more help - email erin@cerriesmooney.com, and Erin will get back to you as soon as possible!