Cerries brings a fresh eye and rare style to the age old business of branding. With the Archetypal Branding Initiation Kit, she uses rich, interactive material to give you a treasure map leading to your archetypes, and provides you with plenty of visual content, key words, and inspiration to help you identify and sustain your unique branding strategy. Plus her quiz is super fun!”

Erika Lyremark
Creator of MARKD & Bestselling Author – Think Like A Stripper

“Clarity & transformation. Those are the two words I’d used to describe how I feel after taking this course! This is like NO course I have ever done! You should too. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at what’s possible in 5 days!”

Jacqueline du Plessis,

“If entrepreneurship is a journey in personal development, Cerries’s classes are like the psychotherapy sessions you need to make sense of it. The Starter Kit and the Blend Kit gave me a totally new perspective on my branding that I’m excited to put in practice. The classes are a joy to work through and Cerries and her team provide warm, generous support and encouragement. I am in awe of what they have built and it will inspire me in my branding as much as anything I learned in the classes”

Christen McGee
“Branding is fun again! Before finding The Brand Alchemist I was really frustrated with trying to pin down what my “ideal customer” would be attracted to while also trying to match that up with what felt authentic to me. The Alchemy Study took all that pressure off by showing me a totally fresh way to look at branding. Cerries focus on action is one the my favorite things about The Alchemy Study. Unlike other branding exercises I’ve done, the work I’ve done in the Alchemy Study doesn’t get filed away in a folder on my computer, it has become a daily part of my business brand strategy”

Connie Holen

“Cerries is more addictive than House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Empire, and Scandal all rolled into one! She’s one of the smartest, most soulful branding experts I know and she doesn’t disappoint. Cerries work is all about you – her thoughtful approach to branding gets straight to the core so you can create a bigger impact with your business faster than you believe is possible. Haven’t experienced her yet? You are missing out!!! Start with her Primary Archetype test and you’ll be hooked!”

Amber McCue | www.niceops.com

“The Alchemy Study was a huge game-changer for me! I’ve started to think about my business in an entirely new light and the ideas just keep flowing. The biggest insight for me was learning how I can connect with my clients and serve them in a way that is true and authentic to my own voice and archetype and is not just about selling the next “must-have” accessory. I’ve never had so many lightbulb moments in my business! Thank you Cerries!”

Wendy Hively (Charliemadison Originals)

“Discovering my Secondary Archetype was like finding the missing ingredient to my recipe. It has allowed me to acknowledge parts of myself that were longing to be embraced but often felt conflicting. I see my gifts with more clarity and I truly feel authentically aligned with who I am. My primary and secondary archetype guides are the only permanent residents on my desktop. I refer to them often, they are essential elements to me and my brands journey. Thank You Cerries!”

Talei Loloma
“The Starter Kit has significantly improved my confidence as a person and as a solopreneur. I was having a difficult time understanding what it is I wanted to accomplish through my brand. After working through the starter kit, I was able to understand why I do what I do and most importantly, why nobody else can do it like me!”

Karina De La Cruz

“I’ve had so many “aha!” moments since joining The Alchemy Study. On a practical level I’ve made leaps and bounds in how I understand and implement my branding. But more important (to me) is how much more connected I feel with my work, the focused inspiration that has flowed since I joined the Study, and the delight I’m taking in my work again. The workshops are simple yet profound, the community is supportive and vibrant, and Cerries is a true alchemist: helping me to create my soulful business and life”

Anna Sansom

“What Cerries has done is beyond words. She has given me in 3 weeks, the clarity that I spent the previous 3 years looking for. I have the confidence to write copy and design programs because I now understand clearly my gifts and what my audience needs from me. I am currently rebranding, because of her. Go to her first and save yourself years and thousands of dollars trying to figure this out on your own. She’s a genius!”

Marie Zizi www.mariezizi.com

“The Alchemy Study has brought me clarity, inspiration and confidence as a person and an entrepreneur. I feel so much more connected to my business and it really makes me feel at home with my work. This is who I am, who I was meant to be, in life and business. It’s about owning my story and finding the answers within myself. This is where the magic happens :)”

Martine Linnemeijer-Chambone

“Before the Alchemy Study, all attempts at branding felt like…well…branding. As in a horse. I didn’t want a mark burned into the living flesh of my business. Or it felt like pigeonholing myself— and, as Walt Whitman said, “I am large. I contain multitudes.” (And I like it that way.) The Alchemy Study offers a way to simplify that actually amplifies. The archetypes feel multidimensional and whole. Hold your archetype up the light at different angles and be dazzled by the array of facets that wink back at you. And in the Study, solopreneurs aren’t so solitary because there are discussion forums right alongside the courses and other materials. It’s like we’re all in a lab together peering down into microscopes and helping one another uncover the mystery of who we are in business and as soulful creatives”

Tina Foster,
“A fun, concise, kick-ass way to get your own head together in regards to what you are trying to create xoxoxoxo”

Christine Souci
“This course was perfect for me: no talk of big(ger) income or client lists, just incredibly valuable exercises that helped me get to know myself better, so that I can bring it out into the world. Ideal for people whose brand is themselves for example. Thank you Cerries and Erin!”

Marie Bernat

“Working through the Starter Kit was a surprisingly deep and quite efficient journey into authentic branding using my archetype, The Alchemist. The course is expertly crafted and I received so much support in the private group. The most unexpected benefit I got was in realizing that my business/my brand IS ME. Up until now, I had been focused on making my brand into what I THOUGHT my ideal customer wanted from me as though my customer wanted me to be someone other than myself. Head trip! This course is amazing. I bought it on a whim and it has been positively paradigm-shifting. So much value”

Jessica Pelkey
“I still can’t quite believe that something so simple, easy and fun to complete, has given my such an invaluable tool for better understanding myself and my business. Thank you Cerries!”

Anna Sansom
“This Initiation Kit is sheer genius, simplified for brilliance. As someone who has pioneered the adoption of 1:1 Digital Marketing technologies and applications, I can appreciate the value of a one page blueprint. Such freedom to tell a powerful story – an epic one, even! I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to integrate mind and heart into the soul work they are meant to do/be. Thank you! This is a precious gift and well timed”

Cheryl Hartley

“The Starter Kit is like taking the first deep breath to gain true clarity for your brand idea. One week before it launched, I said to a friend (breathing rapidly), “ok I have a passion but how do I translate that into my brand and business?” And voila I put in the work, did the study and now have a brand name! Shoot I even have products and a complete direction for my business and brand! It all happened so fast. Cerries really knows how to mix things up to get you right into what your brand will be, plus she’s and her team are amazing to work with. I am requiring my customers to take her class before diving into my services. That’s how magic it all is!”

Deanne Ziadie

“Cerries, aka The Brand Alchemist, is a genius! She’s created a system that helps you see clearly the deeper passions and purpose behind your brand and business – for life! She’s given my brand it’s very own magic mirror. I cherish you and your work Cerries. Thank you. Everyone should be fortunate enough to work with you – so they too, can see their own brands special beauty”

Rhonda Sweeney-Hohmann

~ “If you are looking to get crystal clear on who you are and how to create magic with your brand, I highly recommend the Laser Session. Cerries has an intuition and insight that will make you feel in touch with your inner muse and inspired to bring her to life in all her multi-colors”

Shari Johnstone

“The Laser Session was invaluable when combined with the free test. It was wild how accurate it was and how insightful the session was. I felt encouraged to just follow my OWN person and to be confident that what I am doing is right. Cerries provided a lot of great ideas to ponder in regards to what would work best for the archetype blend I was and what I could focus on in terms of potential messaging (conceptually) to communicate it effectively”

Kamila Gornia
“The Brand Alchemist Initiation Kit is an amazing tool to help you to get to grips with the nuts and bolts of branding. Cerries has crafted a wonderful process which lovingly draws out of you the essence of your own personal brand – leaving you with a perfect one page blueprint of You which you can then use to guide your own brand plan”

Iona McArdle

“Within days the Initation Kit transformed “brand” from a mentally abstract brain thing to a tangible love-story on the way to become a lasting intimate relationship. A huge thank you to Cerries and Erin for their continual Love and support”

Nema Bliggenstorfer

“The Initiation Kit is not only filled with brilliant content, it is brilliantly designed as well. Every lesson leads you thoughtfully through the process of creating your one page brand blueprint. At every stage I felt I was “being led by an expert and caring mentor. The materials provided are motivating in and of themselves. I will continue to use what I learned in this class throughout my endeavors”

Christen McGee

“I knew in a heartbeat that The Brand Alchemist was a piece of the puzzle I was missing, and I was not disappointed. I looked forward to my email with my days work, and though I did not get through it in 5 days (I had started B-School at the same time) I was not disappointed. I am now looking forward to working with Cerries again!”

Lisa D Liguori

“As a designer, I was pretty sure I knew how to represent my brand and “me”. But using the Initation Kit, I discovered even more deeply about the values that hold true to me, the purpose of my work and how to be even more true to myself than I was trying to be. It’s helped me figure out exactly what I need to do with my brand to make it even stronger and to push my purpose and values forward even more. I couldn’t be more grateful for the clarity it’s given me!”

Rachel Shillcock

“Cerries, I’ve taken a lot of online and in-person classes. And I have to say that your course offered the most value of them all (including B-School). Here’s why…Your class is about personal clarity and personal integrity leading to personal empowerment of women. It’s not a “How To” course, or a “Content” course consisting of of a lot of information that I have to figure out how to work with. It’s about something far deeper and richer…it’s about women’s internal processes and the empowerment of women’s voices. I mean no disrespect towards the other courses I’ve taken because they have their place in the entrepreneurial industry, but as an adult educator, I know that there are different types of learning…How To and Content courses are the easiest. Process courses are the hardest. And you NAILED IT GIRL!”

Hanna Hunt, MAEd