One of the questions I am asked over and over is this:

“How do I know what to focus on, when I have so many ideas I’d like to pursue?”

I remember a time when I just couldn’t see beyond this question. There were so many things I wanted to explore as a solopreneur…yet I didn’t want to risk diluting my brand and coming across as being ‘flakey’.

All of the business books and resources told me I needed to choose one idea, and build my brand around it.

But how can someone as multi-passionate as a solopreneur choose just ONE thing, when we have expansion in our souls?

This is what I realised:


The problem isn’t the confusion about which idea to focus on. The problem is the underlying fear that we’ll commit to something we’ll quickly regret.


It’s always the way. When we’re told we HAVE to focus, all we want to do is explore.

Your task is not to decide which idea to focus on, but rather to develop a brand that acts as a flexible platform in supporting the exploration of your gifts and strengths.

The other interesting thing I’ve noticed is that when you take the pressure to choose ONE idea away, the answer becomes clearer than ever. I really do believe that the pressure to choose is the one thing that keeps us from uncovering the answer.

Here is a GREAT question to ask yourself to discover which idea you could explore first:

If I had a blank slate – and no judgement or expectation – what idea would I LOVE to explore next?

Removing the fear of judgement – and taking away the element of perceived expectation – has a funny way of revealing the answer to you. But you have to be still and quiet enough to hear it – this could be a great question to meditate on, or reflect on sitting quietly.

It’s also important to remove the ‘finite-ness’. When we’re told we have to choose ONE idea, we naturally recoil and resist making a decision (procrastination…it’s an open house). But if you take away the pressure simply by acknowledging that this is what you’re going to do NEXT, it makes the decision a whole lot easier to make.

And the best part?

[Tweet “Making decisions intuitively – and without pressure – is the BEST way to find your ‘thread'”]

If you’re worried that you won’t have a ‘thread’ by being multi-passionate, you don’t need to be.

All you need to do is trust that if you are true to yourself – and follow your heart – the thread has already been woven for you. And it’s GOLDEN.

Your Primary Archetype (and Archetypal Blend) will help you discover your thread – all you have to do is enjoy the process of unravelling it.