I’m trying to grow my email list…but really, I’m craving a more intimate connection.

I’m trying to keep up with social media…but really, I’d rather delete Facebook from my phone.

I’m trying to say the ‘right’ words…but really, I’d rather just speak from the heart.

But really.

I believe these two little words hold the key to clarity and authenticity.

So simple, yet so overlooked.

There is an air of expectation within the entrepreneurial community for us to achieve more, have more, do more, say more, offer more, get more subscribers…but really, what we often want to do is stop, breathe into our business, and do less.

Achieve less – but find more meaning in what we do achieve.

Offer less – but truly enjoy what we do offer.

Make fewer connections – but make the ones that we do make, count.

The words ‘but really’ are a magical little elixir for revealing the truth about what you’re doing…that you’d really rather not be doing (or at least, be doing less of).

The truth is: we’re very good at being and doing all the things.

We don’t want to get left behind (or worse, screw up entirely) – so we do a great job of convincing ourselves we’ve got this. That we can keep it up. That we can do what it takes. That we can make the sacrifice.

We’re saying yes…but really? We’d rather say no.

We’re setting up that YouTube channel…but really? We’d rather connect with words.

We’re trying to keep up with the blog…but really? We’d rather set up a YouTube channel.

We’re showing up and being of service…but really? We’re taking far too much responsibility for the inaction of others.

We’re signing up to that $2000 course…but really? We know we already know the answers.

I feel like I should write more…but really?

I think you get the idea 🙂