I want to see more crazy, beautiful, soulful people earning a living by doing what they love.





So…here are some things I made to help make that happen.



A no-nonsense, practical guide to branding your business (for the wonderfully Undefinable).

This guide will help you…

  •  Understand why your brand hasn’t been all that effective so far
  •  Have clarity on what your brand actually is
  •  Realise that your Undefinability is actually your greatest asset
  •  Learn the secrets behind what really makes great brands so successful

You’ll also learn my Seven Principles of Branding the Undefinable, followed by practical steps you can take to set the right foundation for your business and brand.

The Surrender Kit


Available in all twelve archetypes, The Surrender Kit is an instant-access, interactive PDF Playbook, designed to help solopreneurs discover the cause of misalignment in their businesses, get clear on who they are and what they REALLY want, and surrender their expectations to gain business confidence and clarity NOW.


With archetype specific journaling prompts on the topics of risk, stability, belonging and independence, you’ll quickly identify where your business feels out of balance, and gain insights on what you need to change moving forward.