Emotion. It’s all we have left.

You can read as many books on consumer psychology as you like. You can line up more marketing tricks than you can shake a very big stick at. You can spend your days trying to influence the decisions of others.

But when it comes down to the wire?


All we have left is emotion.


In our quest for more, we’ve commoditised everything else.

We live in a world in which the universal language is noise. The smog-inducing factories are now mirrored in the way we communicate. As we try to find our way in business, fear pushes us into the default of adding to the cacophony.

“You WON’T want to miss this!”

“My course is the course to end all courses!”

“It’s TOTALLY free…only 3 spots available!”

(Spend just one minute on your Facebook news feed and you’ll get the picture).

Early bird offers. Opt-in incentives. 10% off. 20% off. 99% off. FREE. Plans. Strategies. Sales pages. Programs. Courses. Webinars. Seminars. Teleseminars. Sessions. Workshops. Click. Buy. Read. Watch. Listen. Do this. Do that.

Whilst all of this has its’ time, place and value, how much of it really matters? How much of it makes a real difference?


Real value is exchanged at the intersection of vulnerability and courage.


The courage to be vulnerable evokes emotion. And, as brand is made of emotion, it goes to reason that successful brands are the ones who demonstrate true vulnerability.

So…how do you demonstrate true vulnerability?

You strip back the layers. You show up, unedited and raw.

You crack yourself wide open, displaying the contents for all to see. Gut-wrenching, exposed, rustic.

You surrender to the sweet relief that washes over you when you are unashamedly whole.

You trust that through shining light on your darkest fears, you invite others to do the same.

How does this look in practical terms?

Minimal editing. Intuitive-based decision making. Showing up every. single. day. Even when fear and self-loathing and self-doubt have you in their hold.

(If you really struggle with self-doubt, you may love this meditation from The Alchemy Study library. It’s a hug wrapped in chocolate, on the house).

Turning away from adding more graphics and marketing gimmicks and value-added noise as a way to numb the pain you feel inside; when your heart aches to just be seen as you are.

Saying things that matter to you. Being courageous to shower your flaws with gratitude – publicly.

Pouring out your heart, then actually hitting publish.

To seek out advice, then courageously follow your instincts in the opposite direction.

Allowing love, fear, pain, excitement, mistakes, triumphs, blood, sweat, tears, joy, anxiety and all-encompassing ecstasy to all mesh into one unapologetic existence.

Because the truth of the matter is?



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