The Surrender Kit


An Archetypal Playbook for

Business Clarity + Confidence.


What is The Surrender Kit?


The Surrender Kit is an instant-access, interactive PDF Playbook, designed to help solopreneurs discover the cause of misalignment in their businesses, get clear on who they are and what they REALLY want, and surrender their expectations to gain business confidence + clarity NOW.


This Kit will help you be one of THOSE solopreneurs (you know – the ones who seem grounded, graceful, and like they have it all together?)…leaving you feeling less scattered, more focused and able to get back to making the impact you KNOW you’re here to make.


Inside the Kit, you will…

…immerse yourself in over 55 pages of interactive introspection, with journalling prompts and questions designed to help you:


…so you can launch that new offering


…so you can feel less scattered + chaotic


…so you can make a greater impact


…so you can express yourself freely



Do you want to spend 2018 running a business that doesn’t light you up, make an impact, or fill your bank account?

The good news is: you don’t have to. Purchase The Surrender Kit to make sure you’re in the right business…and in your business right.


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“This Kit it is absolutely fabulous Cerries, thank you so much (HEART HUG- don’t know the emoji code for that) I am 2 hours in and only on the first section, boy does it flow when you let it. You said allow 45mins/1 hr and I must be that for each page LOL!!!! Thank you so much again your example of running a soul aligned business is such a clear expression of where I am heading thanks to you”

~ Raphaelle Cox |


“Cerries, you reminded me how great I am at taking risks. I feel so much more grounded in taking control. My Revolutionary archetype showed me that many of my fears were illusions. The questions in the guidebook empowered me to coach myself. I am not even a third done and I already feel so much more at peace!! Thank you for putting this out there”

~ Lauren Kay Wyatt |


“I filled out the questions and realized how I have been betraying myself for years… no, for lives… acting in ways I think I should or other reflected as “musts” on me. No wonder that I feel depleted, bored and frustrated… And then came a point where I realized: NO WAY! Whatever will come, whatever I will lose, whatever will happen with me. I am ready to take it. But I will not do anything anymore that does not come from my true center of absolute consciousness and awareness…

Cerries what you are building up here has a very fine and bright and pure quality. There is truth in it that goes deeper than most of the stuff that one can find. It comes from the soul and this is super-lovely and absolutely needed on this planet.”

~ Sven Heck |


“The Surrender Kit was just what I needed to bring my project to the next level. Something didn’t feel quite right to the point I almost gave up, but thanks to Cerries and Erin, and this beautiful tool, I have been able to let go and that brought me to the greatest insight in redisigning this project to make it a core of my business. Definitely worth every penny!”

~Camille Jeanmonod |


“Cerries I have done quite a few different types of review exercises over the years, and found the questions often led to overthinking and intellectualizing. Your questions led me to a different place. They helped me gain easy access to my inner knowing, which gave rise to some surprisingly deep insight into things that have been holding me back, and what I can do moving forward to create what I want. Some of it scares the pants off of me. It may require me to walk through the fire, but I can see how surrendering and taking up the challenge could be a game changer”

~Anne Melnyk |


“The Surrender Kit is just what I needed at this time of year, Cerries. In alignment with your usual way, you have created a kit that is truly beneficial. The tone of it brings a grounded calm that is much appreciated, particularly at this time of year. It’s perfect for reflection that is incredibly valuable as I continue to learn and grow. I’m almost halfway through and look forward to more time with it tomorrow. I just wanted to take the time before then to say, Thank you for the Surrender Kit!!!”

~Shauna Smith |