I know, I know.

You thought I meant the NAUGHTY F word, didn’t you??

(Go wash your mouth out with a bar of soap!! 😉 )

No, there is a different F word that is absolutely critical for your brand success.

And that word is: FAITH.

Earlier this week, Jessica Zweig listed me as one of the top ‘19 women kicking ass at being their own brand‘, alongside the likes of Natalie MacNeil, Gala Darling, Laura Roeder and other seriously inspirational women. Whilst, of course, I was absolutely thrilled to be included in her line-up, it prompted me to really consider how I got there.


Because honestly? Developing my brand has been (almost) effortless.


I say this not to brag, but to inspire.

The process of developing a strong brand is a complex one, and it’s not always easy to see the fruits of your labour. There are so many moving parts, and the goalposts change when you least expect them to.

When I was running my design business in 2013, brand development felt like walking through mud (which was ironic, seeing as I am a brand identity designer by trade).

I wasn’t confident in myself, or what I had to offer.

I invested a lot of money into having all my copy written by one of the most exciting, leading copywriters – but I felt like it was so obvious that it was not me who wrote it.

I had too many ideas, and no way to focus them all into something that made sense – both for me, and my customers.

I couldn’t grow my list past 100. (And even that was a struggle).

And my ideal customer avatar? Forget it. The more I tried to develop my brand to cater to an imaginary person, the more despair I felt.

In 2013, branding my business felt like a real struggle.


In 2014, I started my new business – The Brand Alchemist (now – and between now and then, branding has been a completely different experience for me.


It has been soulful, intuitive, and a route to self-acceptance.

I have consistently attracted the most beautiful souls to my business, who willingly pay for what I have to offer.

I have grown my subscriber list to just under 13,000 – with less than $100 spent on advertising, and no other method than word-of-mouth.

I consistently switch things up – I change my graphics, I try out new offerings, I pursue many ideas – and I have no fear about diluting my brand in doing so (and I would actually go as far as to say I’ve gone against every rule I was taught in ‘branding school’).

So what changed for me?

I began this business not only with my Primary Archetype as the starting point, but also with FAITH.

My brand is nurtured through faith.

My decisions are made in faith.

By faith, I mean a deep-rooted belief that my ‘failures’ are as crucial to my success as my ‘wins’.

That although I’m not always going to get it right, everything happens for a reason.

That…the right people will find me, when the time is right for them on their journey to do so.

That every decision I make will lead me to where I am trying to go – some will be celebrations, some will be lessons.

Having faith wasn’t – and isn’t – always easy for me.

For the past twelve years, chronic depression and ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) turned me into a person who felt cursed. Who believed that life was – and is always going to be – a struggle. Someone that expected the worst – always (usually accompanied by extreme pain and fatigue).

My physical and mental health has not changed – in fact, it has worsened since becoming a solopreneur (especially my ME).

But I have learned that with just an ounce of faith, ANYTHING is possible.

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With faith, those big decisions you need to make for your brand seem less…intimidating.

Developing your brand becomes less fear-driven, less lack-based and more playful…more enjoyable.

All you have to do is let go of the reigns a little.

Chill out a bit…(that colour palette / image choice / name choice matters less than you think it does).

Just start…TODAY.

Have faith that every decision you make for your brand is a critical one – even the dud ones.

Because you CAN do this.

And you are WORTH having faith in.

So start believing it 🙂

Love…the #19 girl <3